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A Holistic Approach.

It's not a New Age fad, as much as it sounds like one. Retirement planning affects your taxable income, your taxes influence your financial statements, which in turn are based on payroll... it goes on and on. Bottom line: all of your accounting needs are intertwined, so if you want to get where you want to go, it makes sense to get all your financial services from one place. Farmer.

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The best way to stay organized is to keep everything in one place—or with one CPA. By integrating your payroll, taxes and future planning, we can keep an eye on your financial statements in real time, making sure that everything is in order for when you need it.


Taxes are complicated, on purpose; no one likes giving money away, including the government. They sure like taking it though. The best way to counteract is to integrate your financials, payroll and retirement planning into your taxes, avoiding any costly mistakes that can lead to penalties and taking advantage of the credits and benefits they offer.


We may not have flying cars yet, but rest assured: the future is here! Everything we do today has an impact on tomorrow, so it makes sense to align our present tax, payroll, and financial strategies of with our future goals, optimizing every available benefit and striking the perfect balance.


It’s not just payroll processing, it’s payroll analysis, payroll documentation, and of course, payroll taxes. Navigating the myriad of complexities to one of businesses' greatest expenditures is key to maintaining a healthy financial outcome, and it makes a whole lot more sense when it’s done in tandem with your other financial obligations.

Our services, our process. Our services, our process. Our services, our process.

Our Process

Getting to Know Each Other

Duh. The first thing we do is sit down and talk. A lot of it will be about accounting; a lot of it won't. It just makes sense to get to know the people you're working for, so you can get a sense for what is best for them and their business.


Customer Needs

Every business has multiple facets to its financial situation and goals. We make sure we know all of them by asking a ton of questions and analyzing your current cash flow, financial, tax and retirement situations to come up with a strategy to best help you immediately and in the long run.


Assessing Your Situation

When you work with Farmer, you get a full-service team of specialists who make sure every detail of your financial plan is working in your favor. Think of it like a game of chess: individual moves that are part of a greater strategy to create the best outcome.


More Than a Plan: A Mission

Whether we're talking about payroll or taxes or retirement planning, we're basically talking about the same thing: your financial well-being. That's why our financial plans are organically intertwined: addressing current and future needs with the ability to evolve along with you and your needs.

Ready to Work Together?

We're not your typical CPA. That’s OK, you’re probably not a typical business. Let us help you craft some financial goals tailored to your business. Relax, we’ve got this!